Who Knew a Polo Shirt Was So Versatile?

Buy a Great Polo Shirt OnlineHere I am wondering why I have never discovered the versatility of a polo shirt before. Where on earth have they been hiding all this time? I have worn many, many formal shirts, thousands of tee’s, but never before had I realised how great the polo shirt really is.

I have my new lady friend to thank for this. As a stylist, she is forever shopping and dragged me along with her last weekend. I am usually fairly reluctant to shop for clothes in real shops, much preferring the safety of the study and shopping online, but this weekend was an exception as we trailed through shop after shop with the promise of a good lunch spurring me on.

Don’t ask me why I scoffed at a polo shirt at first!

After my initial scoffing at the idea of a polo shirt – don’t ask me why! – I began to see the versatility behind wearing one. Casual on the surface, yet with a collar, a lightweight jacket suddenly changes the entire look to something much smarter. Is this where smart-casual comes from, I wonder?

Generally made from a heavier cotton fabric than usual tee’s, the polo shirt is comfortable to wear in lower temperatures, when a tee is not enough and a jumper too much.

Whether the polo shirt is plain, or patterned really makes little difference, as the versatile shirt can be worn for most occasions, barring a formal dinner, of course. Shopping in a polo shirt one minute, then slinging a jacket on over the top and instantly I am acceptable in a stylish bar or restaurant with no fussing about. I like that!

So needless to say, the polo shirt has become a new fixture in the wardrobe in a wide range of colours and patterns – maybe a few more lightweight jackets will be next on the agenda, watch this space…