Whiskey & Porridge – Breakfast in a Tartan Shirt

You know I like to dress up, especially to eat, and a tartan shirt is my idea of dressing up for a Scottish Breakfast.

This week in Scotland has been a week of firsts, with breakfast in a tartan shirt to the breakfast itself which was something of a genuine eye-opener.

tartan shirtWhen we went down for breakfast, I thought I would make an effort with a bit of tartan on my back.  I went for a 100% cotton tartan shirt (Mother would be proud!) mostly red, but with a good check.  Now there are Scots out there who will scoff when I call this my tartan shirt, but it is tartan shirt enough for an Essex lad!!

When we sat down for breakfast I think I was expecting bacon and eggs with toast and Scottish marmalade, but to my surprise we were brought large bowls of porridge.  Now I know that porridge is traditional for Scotland, but I have never been a huge fan of porridge.  I was dreading the part where we doused our bowls of porridge in salt…

The Groom seemed very excited, so I said nothing about my penchant for bacon, although I could read mirrored looks on the other boy’s faces.

It seemed that I was not the only man at the table with a fondness for an English fry-up and a tartan shirt!

Our fears were allayed when our waitress brought trays of whiskey shots to the table.  She was piped in by a small man playing the bagpipes, which was quite moving until one of the lads heaved a sigh of relief that we hadn’t drunk too much the previous evening.

‘We are starting early, Hamish (the grooms nickname on account of his heavy Scottish brogue), or is this the Dutch courage?’ piped up one of the other ushers.

The Groom explained that tradition dictates that the whiskey is poured onto the porridge as one would pour syrup.  That cheered us all up no end and I have to say that the breakfast turned out pretty well in as much as once the whiskey and porridge were downed, and my tartan shirt had earned its keep, the bacon and eggs appeared, giving an English send off to our Scottish friend on his wedding day!