Wearing a Formal Pink Shirt for the Queen’s Awards

Wearing a Formal Pink Shirt - Buy OnlineAttending the annual Queen’s Awards this year proved that wearing a formal pink shirt can raise a few eyebrows, even if one pair belonged to my mother. As a fond attendee of the Queen’s Awards, my mother makes it her business to be amongst the very best dressed there. This is not unusual for my mother, who enjoys dressing formally to buy the morning paper!

Wearing a formal pink shirt from a former award-winner

Whether I appear formal in my dress or not, mother usually approves, as I leave my comfortable casuals firmly in the wardrobe and dress with her in mind. Accompanying her to the annual Queen’s Awards, I felt it was appropriate to be wearing a formal pink shirt, particularly as it was made and purchased from a previous Queen’s award-winning company. I teamed the long-sleeved creation with three-piece charcoal suit and a silk tie of a shade darker than the shirt.

Meeting mother in the taxi outside my apartment building caused a raised eyebrow as she eyed me wearing a formal pink shirt; a sure indication of disapproval that I chose to ignore. Mother looked stunning in Christian Dior as ever. Her cool demeanour lasted for the entire 30-minute journey and was not lost upon me, although I was amused.

Once we disembarked, mother took my arm and we entered the ‘arena’, immediately greeted by friends of my parents’. A beautiful venue was prepared for dinner and the tables were decorated with pink roses that perfectly matched the shade of my shirt.

I could immediately tell that I was forgiven upon being seated and mother leaned across to me with the cool disapproval now gone. In place was a warm, yet somehow knowing smile. ‘How clever of you darling,’ she said with a twinkle in her eye, nodding at the roses and turned away to begin a smart conversation with her friends.

As I proceeded to enjoy the Veuve Cliquot, I began to relax and enjoy the evening. Wearing a formal pink shirt to a gathering can be just the right thing to do, although I must confess that had I know about the roses, I may have gone for the blue.