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Video Assistance for Flat Roof Installation with EPDM

View flat roof videos on a smartphone | Roofing newsEPDM flat roof membrane is easy to install, which is why it is growing so quickly in popularity for the home DIY market.

However, even the professionals occasionally need a bit of help with a tricky bit. Extrusions can cause issues, and so can large installations.

There is help at hand, however, in the form of an excellent stock of videos available to watch directly from the website, or to view in YouTube. Sometimes a video is the perfect way to get your head around exactly what you are doing – even if it is just until the ‘eureka moment’.

Have a look at the one below:

This, and other great quality videos can be found here.

What flat roof videos are available?

The videos are professional, and clearly demonstrate that these guys know what they are doing. You can find the following videos in the section of the website:

  • Fitting gutter edge backplate on EPDM flat roof
  • Fitting gutter edge drip plate
  • Kerb edge detail
  • Metal counterflashing detail
  • Cover strip tape detail
  • Flashing external corners
  • Forming internal corner detail
  • Flashing internal corners
  • Pipe flashing with Formflash
  • Internal drain detail
  • Pipe flashing with pipe boot
  • and more.

You can see, just from this list, that these videos could prove extremely useful at certain stages of the flat roof project. With video accessible from all devices today, you could take a quick look and refresh your memory without leaving the flat roof deck. Each video is only a few minutes long, up to around 7 minutes at the most, making them ideal for both trade and DIY flat roofing.

Each video illustrates beautifully even the smallest detail, so you simply can’t go wrong. The job is filmed at close quarters when necessary to view these details, and is undertaken slowly and precisely so you will miss nothing.

Check them out now, and don’t look back! 

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