Wrap Up Warm and Stay Cool in a Lumberjack Shirt

Fashionably Comfortable in a Country Style Lumberjack ShirtThis week I am really feeling that winter is on its way. After the fantastic weather in Paris for Fashion Week, we are finally spoiled enough and it is time to dig out the warm clothes that have been pushed to the back of the closet or treat yourself to a few new additions.

Having been at home in the countryside for a few days, I have spent my time in one of my autumn wardrobe staples – the lumberjack shirt. I have several in fact. Soft fabrics in good colours that are perfect under a Barbour when it gets wet out in the fields.

I must admit that I do love autumn in the countryside. The colours in the trees and hedgerows are glorious and I love the sun low in the sky on crisp, late afternoon walks, particularly when my body is snug and warm! I have an outbuilding that is covered in the most stunning Virginia creeper and it is times like this that I wish I could paint. Every single year I vow to take up photography as a hobby, but never get around to it – this year is no different and I find myself looking at cameras I will never buy – you never know.

I don’t feel that far removed from the lumberjack shirt at this time of year.

In fact I feel a sense of justification when gathering wood for the fire. Often you will find me loitering around the woodshed in the early evening. Nothing beats an open fire on an autumn night and consequently my lumberjack shirts often smell of wood smoke – quite rightly, I believe!

Lumberjack shirts pop in and out of fashion, but are the epitome of autumn in my book – long gone are the days when fashion ruled my head, especially when lounging at home. Although, I have to say that it is still possible to look cool and be warm in a lumberjack shirt – surely you agree?