Should a Man Wear a Pink Shirt?

Mens Pink Shirt - Be a Man & Buy Yours OnlineI read a post a few days ago that made me smile with the tagline, ‘Are you man enough to wear pink?’ and it got me thinking about whether it is ‘right’ for a man to wear a pink shirt. In one respect it is utterly ‘PC’ to wear pink – in a – we are confident enough in our manhood and we are proud to wear pink kind of way, yet attitudes have changed and 30 years ago we would be frowned upon.

This leads me to consider the way attitudes to mens clothing has radically changed in the past few decades, barring the punk movement, when whatever was ‘the norm’ was deeply challenged and the style itself was a huge fashion statement although unintentionally so!

Should a man wear a pink shirt?

Today’s fashion statements at the moment are running with a smooth, polished style – even the most radical, my grandmother would approve of and the worst I have seen in the fashion world is a man with the most beautiful shoes worn sans socks.

We, as men, have much more freedom today to wear what we feel we are comfortable in and can make small expressions of our fashion-sense by wearing that fateful pink shirt – actually in public, without aspersions being cast on our characters.

The freedom to choose to express ourselves through fashion is certainly not a new idea, but it can follow a less radical pattern than it had to just a few decades ago. Men are allowed to be fashionable without making glaring statements or causing ripples of discontentment through the mens club!

I find that I think less about the statement my clothes may make and more about what outfit will work within a particular situation or environment. Many times my pink shirt has made appearances and when coupled with a light coloured suit and a co-ordinating tie, can offer a manly look to a typically ‘girly’ colour when typecasting.