The Secret of Great Shoes – A Shoe Care Regime from the Experts

How to Take Care of Your Shoes – Create a Shoe Care Regime

I like great clothes and great accessories. This includes shoes – of course!

It may surprise some of you when I tell you that I do not have a grand array of shoes. Yes, I do like to buy ‘good’ shoes, but I firmly believe that a shoe care regime can improve shoes over time, and I like nothing more than well-worn, comfortable shoes that look brand new on the outside.

You also will remember that I do not spend money needlessly. I buy for good quality and comfort. OK, I do concede that that may not apply to shirts, but only in quantity, never quality, that is a must for me!

Anyway, back to shoes. A good shoe care regime can ensure the life of the shoes is lengthened considerably.

I always look after my own shoes. It can be satisfying to put a bit of effort into something that pays back dividends when the finished article can be admired.

It would be tough to explain a decent shoe care regime in words and I am not a man that makes videos, but I have found a gem of a video by a man who really knows what he is talking about.

This has to be one of the best shoe care regimes I have seen. My own shoe care regime will be slightly altered now I have seen this video.

I have shared it here with you to demonstrate just how easy it is to create a shoe care regime that is simple, cost-effective in the long run and ultimately eco-friendly! – well, shoe-friendly at least.

Don’t throw away pair after pair of shoes. Buy one or two ‘good’ pairs and keep them for years to come.