Try Shirts and Retro Ties for Outfit Transformation

Buy Retro Ties Online to Transform an OutfitThere are times when only a shirt and tie will do and you know that I need to dress formally for my working life. I always wear a shirt and tie, but have decided this year, in the interests of fashion, to wear more retro ties to add a splash of interest to my outfits.

That said, if I were giving advice on formal dressing, there are some occasions, when one is trying to make an impression, that it may be better to stay ‘safe’. For a first interview, perhaps.

Retro ties, such as the one pictured, can and do draw the eye to the tie.

A first impression for an important interview, of course, should be the interviewee and therefore, from an interviewer’s point of view, I would say, stay business-like and as neutral as possible. Make the focus you and not your retro ties – there will be plenty of time for your own individual flair once the job is safely yours!

Back to me – I am definitely in a pink phase at the moment and am looking out for some crazy retro ties that are still in keeping with my mood. I am not looking to be someone I am not, but looking for a wide range of retro ties that can brighten my day and not just my outfit.

Ties are a great way to change the tone of an outfit. A formal shirt worn with a plain tie and suit one day, can be utterly transformed with just a simple switch of tie. Retro ties are incredibly fashionable at the moment, and the 70’s movement is coming back to mens fashion in a number of ways. Women enjoyed a 70’s resurgence a couple of years ago and now, it appears, it is our turn.

This is great news in terms of colour, but I am not sure I could manage with the kipper-style retro ties or indeed the flares!