‘Och-ay-the-noo’ – A Scottish Wedding in the Highlands

This week I am feeling all ‘och-ay-the-noo!’ as I am in Scotland for a traditional Scottish wedding.  The Scottish Highlands are a glorious place, so different from the hustle of the City.  They are not somewhere I visit often, but each time I arrive I am reminded how beautiful it is here and wonder why I do not come here more.

The smell of the Highlands is so refreshing; so clean and clear the air here.  As I write, I am seated on my hotel room balcony with a view to take one’s breath away.

As I mentioned earlier, I am here for the Scottish wedding of some good friends of mine.  I am an usher, and will be wearing traditional Highland dress.  Yes, I will be in a Kilt with all the trimmings!  I have yet to find out if we are to omit underwear, but will see about that!

Scottish WeddingWe have bought the outfits locally and the groom being part of the MacDougall clan sees us in kilts of the main bright red, shot with purple and dark green with a run of white.  However, we have managed to retain part of our ‘group trademark’ with the red bow-tie and the groom will wear a red waistcoat under his black crail jacket.  His mother has insisted he wear traditional leather ghillie brogues on his feet for the Scottish wedding.

I suspect he would prefer to change these later for his cowboy boots, but we will see as his mother can be formidable!

I am looking now at my Scottish wedding outfit and am rather looking forward to wearing it; it will certainly make a change from my usual dinner jacket and formal shirt.  My shirt for the wedding is a touch frillier than I would like, but the cut is superb and the fabric soft – who knows I may become the eccentric gentleman and wear it out the next time I am in Covent garden – I can just see the stares now!

I am particularly fond of the sporran.  It finished the entire outfit and makes us all look Scottish!  The Groom has a hand-made dress sporran with his clan crest at the top.  He is proud of his Scottish heritage and wears the sporran in the traditional way.

The bride will be dressed traditionally too, but of course, that is all under wraps.  The Scottish wedding will take place in a small chapel in the grounds of her parents’ estate, where we will all stay after the wedding.  I am told there is a traditional breakfast tomorrow, but I’m not sure what that will consist of – to be honest, I’m not a great fan of haggis!!