On Holiday in the Maldives

holiday in the maldivesOn the whim of a friend I decided to take a holiday in the Maldives.  It is one of the places I have often thought of visiting and have never got round to it.  I rarely holiday at this time of year, as it is a busy London season, but a friend of mine needed to get away for reasons of his own, and a holiday in the Maldives was at his suggestion.

What a suggestion it was!  The Maldives are reached from the mainland of Sri Lanka, which is where we flew from London Gatwick.  We took a small, private plane to the island of Male’, which appeared like an emerald in the stunning blue sea as we came in to land, seemingly in the water as the runway ran parallel with the ocean.  We ate a good lunch there while the locals flew around us on motorbikes; it certainly is an island teeming with life.

We took a speedboat for the final leg of our journey and blew the last of the city cobwebs away in an exhilarating half hour.

The holiday in the Maldives was a glorious excuse for me to ignore all my day-to-day dress shirts, my comfortable, yet formal evening shirts (all except one in case we received an invite to a yacht).  Instead I filled my case with brightly coloured beach shirts, the sort one might wear to a Hawaiian fancy dress party, shorts and very little else!

Our beach hut was exquisite, sparsely, yet beautifully furnished with simple bamboo and soft cushions with an incredible view of white sand, rich undergrowth and azure sea.

We found the service staff attentive, but not intrusive, simple yet as efficient as any silver service waiter in the Hilton.

We never did get that invite to a yacht for dinner, but it was not missed.  There is much to be said for relaxation and a few casual clothes occasionally.  Especially for a man such as I, who dresses formally every day of the week.

A holiday in the Maldives is enough to make one think that there is far more to life than work and social climbing.