Old Salt Christmas Jumper for Christmas Eve Chilling

Buy Your Old Salt Christmas Jumper OnlineWe decided this year to curl up in front of a roaring log fire on Christmas Eve and not go to the sunnier climes. In the end it was an easy decision and one we are both happy with. It is our first Christmas together and it seems fitting. My thoughts have not turned to warm winter woollies to ensure that the cold is kept out as much as possible.

Searching for an Old Salt Christmas Jumper

I was thinking of red and so began my search. I am not really a festive jumper kind of guy and refuse to kit myself out in the reindeer-donned woollies, but did agree to the seasonal colour as my Christmas concession.

Old Salt knitwear is pretty new to my repertoire, and is reasonably priced. When my Old Salt Christmas jumper arrived I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and at its ability to keep me warm, while at the same time being light enough to be comfortable. There is the usual cacophony of jobs to do on Christmas Eve, so it remains necessary for clothes to be wearable while moving around.

The Old Salt knitwear collection is good quality, hard-wearing and well-priced, although the one I bought was also reduced, which is always a bonus. I am deeply impressed and have ordered the other colours for the beginning of next year, when we plan to return to our little seaside hidey-hole – these jumpers will be the perfect layer under some good coats.

OK, I would not have needed my Old Salt Christmas jumper if we had found some sunshine for the festive break, but there is something just too romantic about a log fire to resist, particularly when there is someone to share it with on chilly evenings. I am looking forward to Christmas this year, more than I have for a while. Just us, the dogs and our Old Salt knitwear – and maybe a hot toddy or two for good measure.

To you, my readers, I wish you all the joy of Christmas and look forward to chatting with you all again in the New Year.