Observations of a People Reader

Cafe's are the Perfect Place for a People ReaderIt is surely a weakness of mine that I spend a lot of time as a people reader. I adore the pastime and do not waste any opportunity to watch those around me. Please do not think me creepy – I don’t spy on people, but I do find the way people behave almost absorbing in many ways.

Body language is a fascination of mine, which is probably why my friends often ask my opinion of others, particularly new or potential business associates and clients.

Clearly I am a good people reader, as many of my friends trust my judgement.

Take last Friday, for example – I was meeting a friend for lunch and he was particularly enthralled by a business management software program. As he spoke about it he became animated and got deeply involved in the technical aspects of this software. I must admit, he was engaging and by the time he had finished, I was thoroughly impressed, thinking that I may have to look at this myself at some point in the future.

The implementation ‘guy’ joined us for coffee and immediately I could tell that this man knew his stuff. The way he moved and his facial expressions gave away his commitment to his work immediately. Needless to say, my friend had invited him purely so he could ask me what I thought about the man afterwards.

Being a people reader is just an interest of mine; a hobby if you want to call it that. I can’t even say what it is about people that I can read, but that matters not in the least when I am right about someone. Rarely am I wrong, however.

People watching is something that costs nothing, takes little time and can teach you a lot about life. I highly recommend it to you all.