New York Fashion Week for Men

New York Fashion Week for MenAs you know, I adore talking (and writing) about fashion. It is with excitement that I noticed earlier this month that the buzz about a New York Fashion Week for men might soon become a reality. I also adore New York, so it seems like a good excuse as any to head off to the ‘Big Apple’.

Esquire magazine are going to be presenting a three-day event on menswear next week and I will be popping along to check this out – well, it would be rude not to! The event will consist of three parties hosted during Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings and parties really are my ‘thing’. Some of my best formal shirts will be getting an outing, that’s for sure!

Men’s fashion has taken a back seat in terms of attending the big fashion events all over the world, so it is an exciting time. A New York Fashion Week for men would be a great place to start, although the rumours stop at mere speculation about who the sponsors will be – Esquire are remaining tight-lipped about any possible involvement they may have.

So, would a New York Fashion Week for men be just the beginning?

Is it likely that Paris, London and Milan might follow? At the moment we can only hope that this will be the case, but frankly, it would be about time.

Men are taking much more of an interest in fashion, particularly over the last decade, and a surge of male fashion bloggers are gaining a big following. The world of fashion is not yet ready to be taken over by men, but it is certainly not exclusively for women any more.

New York Fashion Week for men would be a fantastic boost for the male fashion-conscious population and it is great news. We will have to watch this space carefully over the coming weeks and of course, I will report on my findings for you here.

Have a great week and keep those fingers crossed for New York Fashion Week for men!