Terry’s Chocolate Factory Gets New Single-Ply Membrane Roof

Single Ply Membrane Roof for Terry's Chocolate Factory | Roofing NewsThe Terry’s Chocolate Factory located in York, UK, has been given a new lease of life more than eight years after it was deemed ‘at risk’ by English Heritage, and more than 13 years after it was closed by Kraft.

Once a thriving chocolate factory, producing gems such as the Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Terry’s All Gold since it opened in 1926, The Chocolate Works will now serve as a Springfield Healthcare-owned care village, following extensive redevelopment after more than a decade standing idle.

The refurbishment included a huge undertaking on the roof, which was complex and detailed. The new owners wanted to retain the original art deco features and preserve the iconic building. The stunning project was completed with single-ply roofing membrane, following a strip down of the original slate, which had degraded to the point that English Heritage deemed it worthy of being on its’ ‘at risk’ register.

The project was lengthy and complicated, as the building is a Grade II listed property, and every aspect of the refurbishment had to be carefully planned to meet the strict guidelines that this brings. Some heritage slate work was carried out in places, but the single-ply membrane has offered the sustainability and lifespan that was needed for the bulk of the roofing works.

An additional floor has been added to the Chocolate Works, built around the north lights, and a new roof terrace will now offer views for the residents across the front elevation of the building. According to heritage guidelines, zinc had to be used around the new dormer windows at the front, and leadwork has also been a big part of the project.

Using single-ply membrane for flat roofing projects, particularly of this size, is a great move. The rubber roofing not only looks great, it also maintains high-performance waterproofing and has a longevity that is so far unmatched in the roofing industry.

The Chocolate Works can now look forward to its new life after being saved by the new owners, Springfield Healthcare.

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