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New Homes in the UK Must Last 2000 Years in Latest Research

UK New Homes Housing Crisis | Construction NewsThe problem with UK house building has got so bad, according to recent research, that the average new build will need to last for 2000 years if they are to meet housing requirements.

The latest research, conducted for the Local Government Association (LGA) reveals that if the current rate of house building and replacement continues in the UK, existing houses must last longer, as there simply are not enough properties to go around. The research has also highlighted the fact that much of the country’s housing stock dates to the pre-1930s, and this has explained why the country’s homeowners and local governments are paying more in maintenance and repair costs as a whole than they are in building new housing.

What else does the report show about new homes?

The LGA has gained valuable insights into the UK property sector from the report, and has said that one in ten owners of new build properties would not recommend their house builder and are not satisfied with the quality of their new homes.

The LGA has urged the UK government to provide greater support to local councils in building a new generation of homes that are of a good quality, in addition to the requirement of ‘affordable housing.’ This is particularly important if these new homes are to stand the test of time!

The report also highlights that almost a third of currently privately-rented houses are of a substandard quality or condition. Council accommodation is generally better, and 85% of council houses meet standards, due to a program of regeneration since 2008.

A spokesperson for LGA Housing, Councillor Judith Blake said, ‘Our country’s failure to build enough homes over the past few decades is putting huge pressure on our existing housing stock. Everyone deserves an affordable and decent place to live. It’s crucial that all new and existing homes are up to a decent standard. Councils need to be able to ensure quality through the planning system, and to encourage high standards in rented and owned properties across the board.

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