Realise the Benefits of Natural Light and Much More with Flat Roof Skylights

Mardome Flat Roof Skylights | Roofing NewsFlat roof skylights offer a great way of bringing natural light into any space and are used in commercial and domestic flat roof extensions all over the world. There is little doubt that a room could feel a lot bigger with natural lighting and a view of the sky rather than a plain ceiling. But what about the expense? I hear you cry! Initially, the investment could be costlier than electric lights, but over time the costs could be realised through reduced energy bills.

The latest skylights offer great insulation properties and high-performance energy-saving capabilities, making it a much more scientific choice than ever before.

This week we have been looking at the beautiful range of flat roof skylights from Brett Martin. The Mardome Trade Dome Rooflights are stunning, and perfectly designed to work with our other flat roof favourite, EPDM rubber roofing.

How do flat roof skylights stay waterproof around the edges?

The Mardome skylights come with a multiwall PVC kerb that effectively clamps an EPDM rubber roof membrane. With security caps encasing the fixings, not only does the unit become completely watertight, but also more secure.

Water ingress becomes almost impossible when the EPDM rubber membrane is applied to the full kerb height and finished on the top horizontal surface. The glazing is pre-drilled accurately using the latest technology, allowing simplified installation when it is screwed to the kerb, and making sure the fit is secure.

What about insulation and energy ratings?

There are a wide range of Brett Martin flat roof skylights available, and insulation properties vary according to whether you choose single, double or triple skin polycarbonate. This also affects the thermal properties, so it is wise to make all these considerations first.

Brett Martin make their skylights to order, so make sure you get it right first time!

The Mardome Trade Dome Rooflights offer U=2.1 w/m2k thermal properties in the triple skin version, which also complies with Part L regulations (a rating of less than 2.2).

After looking at the ‘tech stuff’, let’s move on to the point of natural lighting, which is what really made us look at the subject in the first place. Nothing beats natural light pouring through into the room below, and aesthetically the space looks and feels better. Energy bills will be lower too, as low-volt lamps can be used to light the space when it is dark, and of course will not be needed during the day.

Have a look at some examples of Mardome Trade Dome Rooflights and buy online from these suppliers with free delivery.

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