Mens Winter Casuals for Calm Country Walks

Find this Mens Winter Casuals Look OnlineThis weekend saw me hunting for mens winter casuals for a stroll on what turned out to be a lovely day on the estate. I adore the calm of a walk through the woods and along the stream that offers company with its babbling. It was so mild that I needed no overcoat and only wore a long-sleeved casual shirt and what I still refer to as a tank top.

Of course, wellies remained a necessity, as the ground is muddy absolutely everywhere. I find a walk around the estate gives me an excellent chance to note any outstanding jobs that need undertaking and so take a small notebook and pencil with me too. There is only so much time I spend at home and am heading off again this week, so it was a good opportunity all round to dig out the mens winter casuals and I do love the look of the place at this time of the year.

Mens winter casuals collections are sporting a great deal of wool again this season.

It is great to see wool getting a revival – I remember as a child wearing woollen sweaters that my Grandmother hand-knitted – some were just dreadful and survived just the one wash – a fact that relieved me greatly as a small boy!

Although there is a definite resurgence in wool for the fashion industry, most pieces are far removed from my childhood memories. There is a real sense of style in modern wool pieces for men and I can see myself restocking the wardrobe over the next few weeks as winter creeps upon us.

However lucky I was in the mild weather, it doesn’t seem right to venture outside in winter without a pullover of some sort and the tank top was a perfect addition to my attire on my walk. I returned with a slightly red nose, but a warm body and a rather extensive list for the groundsmen!