Mens Scarves – The Essential Season Accessory

Mens Scarves - Keep Warm & Stay CoolMens scarves are not only practical at this time of year, but are also at the top of the pile for fashion accessories. This must be a relief for all you fashion-conscious chaps out there – nudge, nudge – you get to be stylish and warm.

As I like to be warm, this is one of my priorities (must be my age), it is with interest that I see the great woollen fashion accessory sported in many different ways. Mens scarves can be as versatile as those worn by the ladies it seems. From a simple, throw-over-the-shoulder look to a complicated knot, the scarf can be worn with all manner of outfits and give a classic finish to a sharp suit that is as acceptable as that to an overcoat.

We have seen wool accessories for men make a comeback this year in a number of ways.

Early in the season we saw the great retro classic return to the catwalk – the tank top, or vest as our American friends call it. Esquire magazine told us that wool was the fabric of the year and there has been a resurgence in popularity of the pullover. Autumn designs in New York for men were surprisingly toned down, with a strong 80’s sense (minus the fluorescent colours) flowing through the collections.

It also seems that for mens scarves anything goes in terms of colour and pattern. The classic oxford is still high up there on the fashion charts, but I have also seen silk scarves donning the necks of the man-about-town. I personally prefer plain, muted colours in soft wool blends – I can’t bear a ‘scratchy’ scarf.

So, for all you guys out there that were wondering if you can be warm and stay ‘cool’ this season, you have a steady thumbs-up! Go and ransack those wardrobes happily, safe in the knowledge that mens scarves are indeed the essential season accessory this year.