Mens Hairstyles, Grooming Tips & Why I Can’t Do Beards

Mens Hairstyles of 2014As this year draws to a close, I have been looking back at some of the posts I have made throughout and realise how my attitude has changed to fashion and to blogging during that time.

When I first began, I was quite rigid in both my fashion ideals and my blogging style – as you probably noticed. Over the past 12 months I have lightened up in both of these areas and tend to write more about the fashion world in general and what my perceptions of fashion may be at the time.

Last week I had to go to the hairdresser. Chatting to him about the mens hairstyles of this year made me realise that men are fast-becoming more attentive to their hair – both that on their heads and on their faces.

There have been five major mens hair ‘movements’ during 2014:

The first I mention because it feels like a kickback from the 1980’s, with a touch of the 1940’s thrown in for good measure – the short-back-and-sides-with-length-on-top. According to my hairdresser, this has been a popular style this year as it suits all hair types and is easy to maintain.

I find it interesting how fashion from previous eras does a return to the fray. This year we have seen a resurgence, however momentary, in the neon colours that the 1980’s was so fond of. In my honest opinion, it belonged there, and there it should stay!

Next on my list is the ‘Pompadour’. This style was prevalent at the fashion events I attended, particularly upon the catwalk. It held a memory of the 1950’s to me, with the quiff feature on the top of the head and the greased look.

What my hairdresser referred to as the ‘Undercut’ involves shaving around the back and sides of the head with a little length on the top. Not quite as dramatic as the short-back-and-sides version, but still pretty evocative of the 1990’s.

The ‘Quiff’ has been surprisingly popular this year, with variations from the Gary Barlow neatness to the most absurd voluminous creations. (Again resplendent on the catwalks).

My particular favourite, however not for me, is the ‘Top knot’. I admit I struggle with this one and believe only the most stylish Frenchmen can truly pull it off properly. What I find fascinating is that the smallest of ponytails holds back barely enough hair to make it worthwhile, yet it is a fantastic style for the coolest of men.

During Paris fashion week I was most impressed at the facial hair trend – what would, 10 years ago have been worn only by the homeless is now sported along with the topknot and the effect is truly astonishing. My facial hair grows at a snail’s pace and even after careful cultivation, still gives me a strong resemblance to Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

I will keep to my clean-shaven, neat-hair self for the Christmas period and see if I may be tempted by something different as we stroll into 2015. Blogging has given me a greater awareness of the possibilities and I now realise that fashion, although a multi-billion dollar industry, is also about what you make of it on a personal level. The greatest thing about fashion in this era is mixing the different styles of previous decades, the best and the worst, to experiment with perception.