The Difference Between Mens Fashion & Style

Dressing Formally for Mens Fashion WeekLast week in New York was an eye-opener for me and I noticed a big difference between mens fashion and mens style.

I have always perceived myself as fashionable, but now I know that I simply have my style and that is clean-cut and business-like for work; wearing smart, formal shirts and tailored suits. Outside work I am often still smart, yet comfortable in hard-wearing jeans, casual shirts and the occasional jumper or sweats.

Seeing real mens fashion has made me realise that I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination!

Mens fashion was on show for all to see during New York Fashion Week. I attended with an interest in the much-discussed plans for a future Mens Fashion Week – which I discussed in a previous post. I am an enthusiastic attendee of regular parties, and tend to dress formally, which I did last week; wearing a tailored, three-piece suit with lavender striped shirt and tie with shades of purple. I considered it to be suitable attire and indeed it was, but it made me realise that mens fashion is not always about style.

Mens fashion is particularly interesting at the moment and is embraced by the great and the good in New York. What men are generally wearing is not so much about individual style, but more about fashion and this is where I noticed the difference.

I am a people watcher and find a fascination with certain groups of people. The fashion world is almost dictatorial in its execution of a look-book methodology. True, at a fashion week launch one would expect to see fashion in all its glory and we were not disappointed.

However, I feel that I am happy with my style and will not be participating in many of the mens fashion trends that are doing the rounds at the moment. I really am not ready for the world to see my ankles, particularly at work, even with my most stylish socks in place and certainly not with Birkenstocks!

Interesting mens fashion may be, but style is something you are born with, I am pretty certain of that. To illustrate my point, I will direct you to a great GQ post that I came across a few years ago, showing some of the most stylish men of the past 50 years.