Kit Builder App Addresses Flat Roofing Materials Challenges

Flat Roofing Quotes Made Easy with Kit Builder App | Flat Roofing NewsPreparing quotations has long been a tricky process for flat roofing professionals and has proven to be a difficult task for domestic, DIY enthusiasts.

Working with the correct amount of materials is crucial. You never want to be in a position where there is insufficient membrane and adhesive to complete the job in one go, and of course, no one wants to pay for materials they are not going to use, so an excess of material for the flat roof is an equally important no-no.

The largest supplier of Firestone EPDM in the UK has found the answer in a fantastic app that will do the job of working out flat roofing materials for you in just four steps.

The Permaroof Kit Builder app can be tested live online here.

Never have flat roofing materials left over again

The Kit Builder app considers the size, shape and type of flat roof you are working with, including an option to include extrusions, such as flue pipes and roof lights, and can calculate trim too.

Once you have inputted your personal requirements, the app will then prepare a kit list, which you can then use to receive a quotation online.

With everything calculated so precisely, you need never be concerned that you are overcharging your clients for flat roofing materials, and you need never worry about having materials left over at the end of the job again. This powerful app will soon become a valuable part of every flat roofer’s toolbox.

As a DIYer, you can be certain that you will order the correct materials to carry out the work on your flat roof. The design of the app means that nothing is overlooked, and even if you need to work with upstanding, adjoining walls, you will always get the fixings, adhesive, correctly-sized membrane and trims you need.

Ordering flat roofing materials and preparing quotations has never been easier with the Permaroof Kit Builder app, available for iPhone and Android. It only takes a few minutes to input the information, give it a try!

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