Just the Weather for an Open Top Sports Car

sports-car-1097408-mToday I flung open the windows to a beautiful day – just the type of day for a drive out in an open top sports car – picnic basket stowed in the back and a lovely lady beside me. Unfortunately I have none of those things! So it got me thinking… what type of open top sports car would I buy?

I have neither the time nor the inclination for rebuilds and so strayed into the modern convertible market. A car, for me is a slight impracticality whilst in the city, as I am not one for cruising around for a parking space. The car I am after is strictly for occasional, pleasurable excursions into the countryside, and my requirements are little more than an open top sports car. As the array is simply dazzling, it appears that my search will not prove to be as simple as I first suspected.

Trying Google images, to see what catches my eye, I find myself drooling over some of the stunning open top sports cars – TVR, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini – all the stuff of a small boys’ dreams.

british-classic-sports-car-2-1082498-mI have always adored the beauty of classic English styling – the sensual curves of the finest that British designers have offered over the decades. My initial pleasure wore off fairly quickly, as I discovered very few restored beauties that were not already lovingly housed in caring homes. Reaching for the forums, more in hope than anything else, I was again thwarted, as I was told by an enthusiastic car buff, that old classics are as reliable as a chocolate fireguard, unless possessed of a complete engine rebuild.

Back to Google images for me, then, while glimpsing the first signs of a shower out of the window. Perhaps there is time for an open top sports car after all…