How to Tie a Tie to Impress – The Truelove Knot

Learn How to Tie a Tie with SilkI wanted to show you how to tie a tie and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I have found an unusual knot called the ‘Truelove‘ knot, invented by a great character called Mr Truelove!

I have posted the video below, as it is slightly comical, but nevertheless informative and does teach you how to tie a tie.

As you know, I do prefer to wear a bow tie and provided a tutorial some months ago, but one is not a man if one does not know how to tie a tie. It is great to try something a little different, and me being me, I do prefer this if I wear a traditional tie to the office, for a meeting or for a less formal dinner party.

Ties are so versatile. They can lend an outfit an air of formality, but can be as fun as you want them to be, often reflecting the character of the wearer. As I have said before, a suit can be the mainstay of many outfits and different looks; it is the shirt and tie that offers the variation.

When you learn how to tie a tie, you are often young; tying your school tie or watching your Dad tie his. I wanted to find out how to tie a tie with a twist; something different. The Truelove Knot offers that variation with an unusual arrangement at the throat.

For versatility, I would recommend using silk when learning how to tie a tie in this fashion. Silk gives that little bit more and will help you with the complicated knots in this design. Silk ties are fairly inexpensive these days, and are available in a dazzling array of colours and patterns.

When matching a tie with an outfit, it is important to follow a colour scheme that works with the entire ensemble, picking up the tint in a shirt, for example, or a handkerchief – even the colour of your eyes!

So take a look at the video and impress your friends as you learn how to tie a tie a little differently…