How to Tie a Bow Tie

After writing my last post and focussing upon dinner shirts and bow ties, I thought it would seem fitting to create a post about how to tie a bow tie.

how to tie a bow tieI remember as a child watching my Dad tying his bow tie.  It seemed vastly complicated and the bow tie seemed to emerge under his fingers as if by magic.  I thought he was so clever and never dreamed it possible that I would ever learn how to tie a bow tie myself.

I did learn however, in spite of my reservations, how to tie a bow tie at University.  It took many hours of practise, first in front of a mirror, which is harder than it might seem!  Then, once I got a feel for where the bits of strangely-shaped fabric were supposed to be, it became easier not to look, as this just became confusing as my hands moved in the ‘wrong direction’ in the mirror.

This is how I recommend you learn how to tie a bow tie.  It is a satisfying skill to have in your armoury!

Bow ties never go out of fashion.  It only seems to be the size that fluctuates through the trends.  In the 1980’s they were a very cool accessory, along with waistcoats.  Even the ladies partook in that particular trend, as I recall.  I have enjoyed wearing bow ties, although I do admit that these days I reserve them for the special dinners and occasions.

I tried to put it into words how to tie a bow tie and found it read as gibberish and was quite unsuccessful, so I very easily found a YouTube video to do the job for me.

Although the guy in the video is not wearing a wing collar shirt (ahem), he does explain the process of how to tie a bow tie in great detail.

how to tie a bow tieI do tie mine slightly differently, but as long as the end result is the same, I see no harm!  Once you have the skill mastered, you can work on it and can build up speed.  I do keep a ‘pre-tied’ standby, even today, just in case…

So, enjoy the video, learn how to tie a bow tie and happy tying!