How to Fold a Pocket Handkerchief

This is a wonderful video I just had to share with you…

How to fold a pocket handkerchief is a useful bit of knowledge that any well-dressed man simply cannot do without!

Just a very short post today – I am off to meet Mother for tea – yes – again. Will update you very soon on my plans for Christmas this year.

This is a great post for this time of year when many of us are receiving invitations to formals from every direction. I found this video and think it is one of the best explanations I have seen, with a tricky little tip to make the act a little easier.

When dressing formally, a handkerchief can add that extra touch to finish off an outfit. It is a surprising, simple gesture that can go a long way. We men do not wear enough accessories in my opinion. Many of my friends would only wear a handkerchief for a wedding! My father never left the house without his handkerchief perfectly aligned and colour-coordinated with his tie.

OK – I may not go as far as that, but how to fold a pocket handkerchief can come in very handy to put a final flourish on a suit, especially if I am in a particularly busy week and need a change of look.

Learn how to fold a pocket handkerchief and gain a life skill – especially as far as my Mother is concerned…