How Does a Millionaire Dress Well Without Spending Millions!

how does a millionaire dressIt is a common assumption that because I am a millionaire, I must spend a small fortune on clothes.  This is very far from the truth.  So how does a millionaire dress well without spending thousands of pounds?

My wardrobe consists of many, many shirts. Dress Shirts, Formal Shirts, Work and Casual Shirts.  I have several suits, both formal and casual and the rest is made up of jeans, casual and formal shoes (around six pairs), summer shorts and underwear.  I do not spend enormous amounts of money on my wardrobe, as many of you may suspect that millionaires like me do!

I prefer to spend my money on things that will appreciate in value over time.  It is a thought process that was instilled in me from childhood, taught, as I was, by my parents, to value money and all that it stands for.  I have never been wasteful, albeit once or twice in my late teens when I did make a couple of foolish purchases.  I believe that many of us have done this, millionaire or not!

Clothing, for me, has represented the necessary side of my life, mostly social dressing for formal occasions, which is probably why I prefer to dress uber-casually outside my social circle.

I do have one made-to-measure suit, which is an ‘old faithful’, but generally I buy off the peg and love a bargain as much as the next man.

How does a millionaire dress well?  Some do spend a fortune!  (You know who you are…)

My priority is and has always been comfort and wearability.  I buy most of my clothes online, preferring the convenience, as my time is usually eaten up during the week with social climbing and work and at the weekends with social climbing and relaxing in equal measure!

When I find a reliable source online for shopping, I tend to remain loyal to them.  I like to find shirts that are comfortable, stylish and hard-wearing.  As is my way, I buy around three times per year, restocking my work shirts.  As I travel a lot, I prefer to bulk-purchase the non-iron variety, which, once hung, can be worn straight from the wardrobe – perfect for me!

As I have said before, a good stock of shirts can make a wardrobe, whether casual or formal.  Clothing comes high on my list of priorities, but it is not something I am willing to spend enormous amounts of money on.  My shirts are perfect; not custom-made but not cheap either.  There are cheap clothes and cheap clothes, of course.

Next time, I will reveal my favourite source of online shopping… How does a millionaire dress well?  You will see…