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Have You Ever Thought About Green Roofing?

Have You Ever Thought About Green Roofing | Flat Roof NewsToday’s modern homeowner considers many things before deciding on what types of home improvements they will make. When it comes to roofing, many homeowners have traditionally simply gone along with the builder’s view of the roof, but today, even roofing materials are being thought about carefully – and in a world where the environment is coming to the forefront of decision-making, an increasing consideration is green roofing.

What is green roofing?

Green roofing is most commonly seen on flat roof installations in urban environments. It consists of an organic surface, placed upon layers of waterproofing and drainage. The effects of a successfully-installed green roof can be stunning; beautiful to look at, and create a haven for wildlife, bees and insects.

Green roofing in urban areas is being actively encouraged by commercial and domestic local authority planning departments due to the additional benefits that can be realised in water conservation, as they take the pressure off storm drains during particularly heavy rain. As urbanisation increases across the UK, there are fewer green spaces to do this, which eventually leads to a greater volume of free-flowing water in storm run-offs and surface water drains.

What types of green roof can you have?

There are three main types of green roofs that have different applications. They include the extensive green roofs, intensive and semi-intensive green roofing.

Extensive green roofing typically has planting that grows up to 6’’. The plants are commonly lightweight and easy to manage through the different weather seasons. Moss roofs or sedum matting can be ideal for this type of roof.

Intensive green roofs grow up to 12’’ or more. The plants are typically bulkier than for extensive green roofs, and sometimes incorporate walkways. The roof deck might need reinforcement to be able to support the additional weight.  These are mostly roof top gardens that require regular maintenance.

The semi-intensive green roofing project combines extensive and intensive planting. These types of roofing projects are often used commercially and can be used to create roof gardens and office relaxation areas. The most common type of vegetation used is grass, herbs and shrubs.  Different beautiful garden designs can be used in the semi intensive green roofs to bring out its high aesthetic value.

So, when you are next in the market for some home improvements, think about green roofing for aesthetics and the environment. Find out more about green roofing here.

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