The Genoa Bridge Collapse, what we know so far | Construction News

The Genoa Bridge Collapse, what we know so far

The Genoa Bridge Collapse, what we know so far | Construction NewsIt seems that the tragic collapse of the Genoa Bridge has caused ripples around the rest of the world, and with good reason. One of the worst possible outcomes for any construction project, this bridge not only collapsed, but also tragically caused multiple deaths.

As we write, 39 people were reported dead and whilst there are still efforts to find survivors, it is thought that the chance of this is slim. Witnesses have claimed to have seen cars and trucks ‘falling along with the material used to make the bridge’, 45 metres down to the road and railway below.

About the Morandi Bridge

The bridge was built in 1967 and was named the Morandi bridge. It stretched 1.2km and quickly became a busy road for all types of vehicles. It was home to the A1, which became a much-used highway for Genoan residents and visitors due to the fact that it was a key route and also connected the city with the nearby airport.

This meant that a variety of vehicles would drive over the bridge on a daily basis, and over time this definitely took its toll on the structure and the materials used to make it. Much like many other structures of this type out there built during this time, the Morandi bridge required repair work during the 1990s, before restructuring work took place in 2016.

Recent work

However, it seemed that even the most recent of work was not going to help to stop the horrific events that occurred at the bridge site. So, what caused this to happen? Picking out the facts has been difficult, due to the expected conspiracy stories and speculation is rife with the suggestion that sub-standard repairs are to blame for the structural failure and subsequent collapse of the bridge.

Police and authorities will undertake a detailed investigation, and will not commit or submit to speculation at this early stage. The main and continuing priority is to continue the search for survivors, Police say.

Homeowners evacuated

In addition, as many as 440 homeowners have been evacuated from their homes. There is no clear indication when or whether they may be allowed to return while the investigation and assessment of the area is still underway.

It is going to take time to know precisely what happened at the site and what could have been done to prevent it. In the mean-time, we feel that this event has taught us all a valuable lesson of just how important it is to make buildings and constructions as safe as possible, protecting the lives of the people who use them.

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