How to Find Flat Roof Bargains This Winter | Roofing News UK

How to Find Flat Roof Bargains This Winter

How to Find Flat Roof Bargains This Winter | Roofing News UKFlat roof bargains are still to be found this winter! Buying in the winter can often be a good thing, as many EPDM suppliers are clearing out their end-of-year stocks to make way for re-opening after Christmas. Saving money before the January tax bills are due and stocking up on essential supplies for next season is always a concern for roofers, so picking up some real flat roof bargains now will put you in good stead.

But where are these deals?

Some of the biggest UK suppliers have good flat roof deals all-year-round, such as Permaroof, who is the largest EPDM distributor in Europe. Permaroof have a December deal on Firestone insulation board at the moment – whopping savings! To take advantage of this and to ask about other flat roof bargains this winter, just give the professional and friendly sales teams a call on 01773 441 949.

You can also check out some promo codes for November here. Yes, that did read November, but it can often be worth calling and asking if expired promo codes will work. If some suppliers still have discounted stock available following a promotion, some may be willing to accept an expired code, or they may have another deal they can offer on those items.

Calling suppliers and asking what they have in flat roof bargains can be a worthwhile exercise and will only take a few minutes. Many suppliers carry offcuts, especially if they provide a bespoke cutting service for special projects. Often there will be roll ends of EPDM available at knock-down prices. Give it a try, there’s nothing to lose, and you may end up with an amazing flat roof bargain.

Thinking outside the box is essential when you are in a competitive industry such as roofing. Saving money and planning ahead can make a big difference to your bottom-line! Don’t delay, get online or on the phone and find your flat roof bargains this winter.

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