Exclusive Holiday Destinations

Stunning Exclusive Holiday DestinationsSince my last post, I have been looking for exclusive holiday destinations with a difference. My day-to-day life takes me to major cities and luxury hotels, but for ‘down time’ I prefer quietly remote, beautiful locations where I can unwind with stunning scenery and a smattering of people (the fewer the better!).

This year I have found some exciting exclusive holiday destinations and thought I would share a few with you here today.

Currently top of my list is Ulusaba (pictured) – a South African game reserve with the most stunning mountain lodges nestled amongst the bush. I can attend safari, or relax in my lodge in astounding luxury. With a private airstrip access, it remains one of the top exclusive holiday destinations for me – remote, yet accessible.

Necker Island is a breathtakingly lovely spot in the British Virgin Islands, 74 acres and surrounded by the azure blue of the Caribbean. Unique Bali Houses are dotted around the edge of the island, offering tropical seclusion.

I am also taken with the Moroccan idyll called Kasbah Termadot, a luxurious hotel with individual Berber Tents. These are not tents in the strict sense, but rather exclusive apartments with stunning views of the Atlas Mountains.

These incredible locations and more can be found on a Virgin website that I was recommended to browse. Virgin Limited Edition has exclusive holiday destinations to take your breath away.

As yet, I am undecided on the exact location. A very busy working life, in a highly stressful environment leaves me with the urge for relaxation, as it does for many of us. Finding the right location for a holiday is an absolute must and requires careful research and planning to maximise the experience.

Last time I talked about my holiday wardrobe. This must also be location-specific. If I decide to go ‘on safari’ I may need long trousers too! Watch this space for my final decision – I am not finished yet with my research of exclusive holiday destinations…