Comfort and Style in an Evening Dress Shirt

evening dress shirtWhen one is invited to a formal evening function, it doesn’t always follow that it will require a stiff and formal evening dress shirt.

I have attended more than a few evening functions filled to the staircases with red-faced gentlemen wearing an evening dress shirt that is clearly choking and scratching them.  Starch doesn’t require a sign or a scent of its presence, as I can easily pick out those with starched evening dress shirts a mile off!

I prefer a softer approach to an evening dress shirt.  Formal occasions can be stiff enough without a constant reminder of one’s place in society rubbing around the neck, waist and underarms.

The most recent formal event happened to be in Manchester.  Not sounding too formal; it was an evening of boxing, but was strictly black tie and ball gowns.  I had never attended such an event before, but guessed that the room would become rather warm and I was not wrong.

I chose a double-cuffed, white evening dress shirt in a poly cotton mix with a standard collar and rib front.  This has to be one of my favourite types of shirt (although I have many), it is a smart, formal evening dress shirt but with the glorious feel of a casual shirt; so easy to wear.

Teamed with a faithful black suit and smart tie, I looked every inch the formal male, but far more relaxed than my counterparts, many of whom ran a finger around their collars at least a dozen times through dinner.

The boxing was exciting, bringing as many, if not more of the ladies to their feet, the men probably to stiff to move easily in their formal attire.

I drank much champagne and moved easily in my light and comfortable evening dress shirt on the small dance floor after the sport.  One of the better formal occasions I have enjoyed in a long time.