Why Buying an EPDM Kit is the Best Way to Tackle DIY Flat Roofing

Buying an EPDM Kit | DIY Flat RoofingDIY flat roofing has traditionally been one of the least-friendly projects, and has been carried out by professionals using traditional materials such as bituminous felt. Today, the introduction of EPDM roofing membrane has changed the way flat roof installation is approached, and it is fast-becoming within easy reach of the enthusiastic DIYer, as roofing materials become more user-friendly and realistically-priced, and the days of hot bituminous substances for waterproofing are long gone.

There are still some challenges to be faced by the inexperienced DIY flat roofer, in terms of making sure correct quantities of materials are ordered. Making mistakes here, right at the start, can result in waste materials, and there is nothing more frustrating than paying for kit you will never use again.

Buying an EPDM roofing kit

To give the best chance of ordering the right quantity of materials, it is a great idea to begin by purchasing an EPDM roofing kit. Whether your flat roof project is for the garden shed, the garage or the flat roof extension of the home, the very best place to start is by purchasing an EPDM roofing kit, available in standard sizes.

This makes projects such as shed roofing easy to approach. For example, if you have a 6ft x 4ft shed, you order a standard EPDM shed roof kit of 6x4ft. The manufacturer takes care of the little bit extra that you want hanging over the edges too.

Other projects might require a non-standard sized membrane, or if there are extrusions like pipes or skylights, additional accessories might be needed. There is also another easy way to produce a flat roof kit list.

An easy way to produce an EPDM kit list

A free online tool is available to use online from Permaroof, an industry-respected EPDM supplier. All the details, including the adjoining walls, the extrusions as well as the (carefully-carried-out-and-checked) measurements of the DIY flat roof project can be added to the Kit Builder and four steps later, a full EPDM kit list is produced, tailored to your specifications.

Although initially designed for professional trade flat roofing businesses to cut quote times and simplify materials ordering, the platform is user-friendly, and the instructions clear enough to be used and understood by a non-professional roofer.

Once the kit list is produced, you have the option to print and save your list or send it directly to Permaroof for an EPDM materials quotation. It’s as simple as that!

DIY roofing with an EPDM roofing kit is the best way to go, try the Kit Builder now online, it’s free!

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