Firestone-approved Training Courses | EPDM Rubber Roof

UK’s Biggest EPDM Supplier Runs Firestone-Approved Training Courses

Firestone-approved Training Courses | EPDM Rubber RoofFirestone-approved training courses for the installation of EPDM membrane are being offered by the UK’s largest EPDM supplier, Permaroof UK Ltd at their training centre in Derbyshire.

Permaroof UK have been running successful Firestone-approved training courses for many years, and have introduced an approved installer network to follow up successful trainees, and offer peace of mind for homeowners looking for flat roof EPDM installers.

Flat roofing and single-ply membrane installation is growing in popularity all over the country, as EPDM has been widely recognised as a sustainable alternative to outdated, yet traditionally popular felt roof coverings.

What are the benefits of attending Firestone-approved training courses with Permaroof?

Flat roofing is fast becoming a rubber roof market, as homeowners and flat roofing tradesmen grow tired of replacing felt roof installations every couple of years.

As the public is made more aware of sustainable alternatives to felt roof materials, EPDM is gaining an industry-wide reputation for long-lasting, high-performance attributes.

In a £40,000-£60,000 a year marketplace, flat roofing is a good sector to be in, and EPDM roofing is the future of the sector. Why not consider attending Firestone-Approved Training Courses, and add this valuable string to your bow as a roofing professional?

Suitability for DIY enthusiasts

Many DIY enthusiasts will not touch flat roofing, due to the very nature of the projects. By attending Firestone-Approved Training Courses, you can learn how to correctly install your own flat roof project, and gain the confidence to tackle this type of job on your own.

EPDM rubber roofing membrane is installed in a one-piece process, with no joins or any need to handle bituminous substances, as it is adhered to the roof deck using only water-based adhesives.

Who knows? Maybe the average DIY enthusiast will start his own flat roofing business following the course. Maybe that is you!

Booking a course

To get yourself on Firestone-Approved Training Courses is super-easy. Simply get in touch with Permaroof, or fill in an enquiry form online and wait to be contacted – that’s it.

What is involved in Firestone-Approved Training Courses?

The one-day courses are intensely-packed to give as much information and demonstration as possible, and have three levels of entry. Find out more here.

What happens after the course?

Successful students have the opportunity to join the Permaroof approved installer network following the Firestone-Approved Training Courses. The approval process is tough, and includes work inspection and financial vetting before applicants can join the nationwide list of approved EPDM rubber roof installers.

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