Dress like a High Flyer for Less

Dress Like a High FlyerMany people think that to dress like a high flyer you have to be wealthy – not so!

To dress like a high flyer to impress is not difficult. You need to choose wisely and incorporate key piece into your wardrobe. This does not mean you have to be super-rich…

In fact, the majority of wealth spent upon clothes is not spent by the wealthy…

As you are aware, I do have occasions when I have to spend my life in good clothes and do dress like a high flyer, but in fact I do not spend an absolute fortune on my wardrobe.

When your life is made up of a round of meetings and dinner parties, there is a necessity to keep a good selection of ‘dress’ clothes handy. I have a small number of good suits, which I team with an array of formal shirts and ties to change a look.

In previous posts I have mentioned how the shirt and tie are the items that get noticed the most when out with friends, even if that is several times in a month.

So there are certain items that should form the basis of the wardrobe if you want to dress like a high flyer;

At least two smart suits – try to buy a dark suit and a light suits

A formal black suit

Mix and match trousers and jackets – two of each for daytime functions that are not for formal dressing

At least six shirts – white, ivory, then four of different colours – choose according to your colouring

As many ties as you can possibly buy!

Two belts – one black, one brown

Shoes – a tricky one, as I tend to have four smart pairs, one formal pair, one casual pair, then various trainers and walking boots. Actually I have to say that as I sorted through my wardrobe for the purpose of this post, I was surprised to notice that I possess far more pairs of shoes than I would’ve guessed at.

A good sort through your wardrobe can be a very good exercise.

You may find, as I have, that you have clothes that you didn’t realise you had. This can spell the difference between a freshly revamped wardrobe and a  brand new one!

When I have a clear out I usually send the spoils to the local charity shop. For this reason I would suggest to anyone that a trip to the charity shop is a fantastic way of finding some good clothes for less. The charity shop is enjoying a comeback in every circle.

Gone are the days when  a person sneaked in with a good look round them first! I think they call it ‘vintage’ these days, but shopping in this manner can mean you can dress like a high flyer, for a good deal less!