Busy Season Takes Off in the Capital – Time to Dress for Dinner

As the festive season approaches, out come the formal invitations and a seemingly endless round of wardrobe switches as we all prepare to dress for dinner.

Fresh from my holiday in the Maldives, I am raring to go and am looking at a serious ‘Dress for Dinner’ wardrobe.  I have my formal suits and a selection of ties including bows and dress ties.  It is time to turn my attention to shirts.

Around this time of year I like to refresh my collection of shirts in time to dress for dinner in the melee of capital city season.  Many of the guests will attend all the dinners, so I need a full and varied selection.  When you move in the circles that I move within, there are often society photographs, therefore it is essential to put thought into the wardrobe planning as everyone notices the faux pas of the same shirt and tie outing thanks to a magazine spread!

As I have mentioned before, when you dress for dinner, the shirt is important, but the tie is even more so.  An array of ties transforms an outfit and enables the wearer to get away with much more than a woman might, not being able to wear the same dress twice on those occasions.

However, for certain, slightly less formal gatherings, I may not wear a jacket and prefer something a little different.

My favourite online shirts retailer always helps me out when I dress for dinner.

dress for dinnerA new range of formal shirts with a pattern across the top and a wing collar provide a twist that I am delighted with.  A crisp white shirt and bow tie with a cummerbund to match the detailing on the shirt and I am away – excellent.

It is easy to plan a wardrobe to dress for dinner for the entire season these days – I have it down to a fine art – I can sit at my computer and let my fingertips do all the work, then just sit back and wait for the packages to arrive.

Roll on the season; I am ready to dress for dinner…