Dining Out or Dining In with a Personal Chef?

Find a Personal Chef OnlineEmploying a personal chef does sound a little pretentious, I grant you. However, when one’s prowess does not reside in the kitchen, it is of little consequence and a personal chef is worth his weight in gold when impressing friends at home.

I like to entertain, but have little time to prepare menus and limited skill to prepare food that is not only presentable, but delicious. I don’t always want to go out. It is great to have friends over for dinner, where we can relax and be ourselves, whether we dress up formally or dress down to be casual and comfortable, we always enjoy good food.

A personal chef does not have to be resident, as many people believe. I do have a favourite, and often ask for him to attend my dinner parties, but agencies all over London can provide great personal chefs for almost any type of menu from a delicious stir fry for two to a formal banquet for a dozen or more guests.

Entertaining a home with a personal chef is one of my favourite treats to myself.

Although I do love to dine out regularly, and enjoy a formal atmosphere, home is the one place I am most relaxed. Many chefs do not need the spacious surroundings of a commercial kitchen to be able to produce fantastic food and work very well from a galley kitchen. The chef I employ has worked in kitchens around the world and says that even the smallest areas can be utilised to good effect with his skills – he is anything but modest, as many chefs are!

Hiring a personal chef doesn’t have to break the bank and will save you the hassle of menu planning, shopping and above all, cooking and clearing up. If you, like me, love entertaining, but struggle in the kitchen, a personal chef is a fine treat for a special occasion.