Cultivating Designer Stubble – How to Groom a Beard

Cultivating Designer StubbleAs a fan of cultivating designer stubble, I had to share this fun video with you. Often, a formal, busy working life necessitates a clean shaven look. Today, it is also acceptable to have facial hair in many circles, as long as it is well-groomed and looked after (or at least appears to be!)

Cultivating designer stubble is not easy for everyone.

We all grow facial hair at different rates and not all of us can grow an even, manly beard. The video illustrates that this is OK – it is all about how you go about cultivating designer stubble, not about how long and thick your beard is or may be!

The video shows a step-by-step guide to grooming your facial hair. It is not a shaving tutorial, instead offering advice about how to gain a George Michael insight into cultivating designer stubble. It is a useful guide, especially when dealing with sideburns and that all-important, often overlooked area under the chin, where many of us struggle with our facial hair boundaries.

Whatever social circles you frequent, shaving is an area of varying opinion. It is also a matter of intense personal preference and should not affect other people’s perception of us as men. Sadly, this is not always the case. The length of a mans’ hair attracts similar responses. When is it OK to have long hair? Do we have to be bums for long hair to be OK? Perhaps that is another issue for discussion later…

Back to facial hair. In the video you will learn how cultivating designer stubble is a process. You will need to grow out your facial hair for a few days to begin with, especially if you have not tried this before. This will give you a ‘base’ to work from. The result is a cool look – tidy and groomed.

Give it a try – cultivating designer stubble is a great thing to do while on holiday when you have a little more time to play with.