Construction Industry Turns to Gaming to Attract Future Employees

Schoolchildren in Scotland will soon be given the opportunity to trial the latest innovation to attract a new generation of construction employees.

A new computer game, called BeIMCraft, has been developed at Ulster University and is based around the popular Minecraft platform.

BeIMCraft encourages young people to consider construction aspects, such as:

  • Planning
  • Structural development
  • Health and safety
  • Costs
  • Sustainability
  • Technology

The game was presented to industry professionals at the European BIM Summit held in Barcelona earlier this year, as BeIMCraft has been developed with the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process at the forefront.

Managing construction projects in a 3D environment is a growing platform within the industry, and certainly promises to become a firm fixture in building management of the future. The game has been designed to deliver a platform to encourage children to take an interest in the construction industry as a career, in a bid to increase the number of entrants into an industry that is suffering from a severe skill shortage.

Sponsored trials in Scotland for new construction industry game

Schoolchildren in Scotland will be the first to experience the game, sponsored for a 12-month trial by Morgan Sindell Construction. Stuart Parker, MD of Morgan Sindell in Scotland said, ‘We are always looking for new and innovative ways to encourage pupils to develop skills and understanding of the construction process. As a main contractor, it is vital we play our part in attracting the next generation to the industry. BeIMCraft is perfect for this, as it takes something familiar to thousands of children and puts it to a new use. We are sure it will be a hit in our schools.

Ulster University’s newly-formed Belfast School of Architecture and Built Environment is encouraged by the reception the game has had since its launch last year. David Comiskey, co-founder of the BSABE said, ‘BeIMCraft was launched last year, and we are pleased to see that well respected companies like Morgan Sindall recognise the value it has in encouraging pupils to consider roles in the construction sector from a young age. Through this partnership we will be able to roll out the game to four schools in Scotland this month, with plans for more in the future. As the economy continues to recover it is vital that we attract young talent into the workforce to help drive future growth of the construction sector. We are keen to play a central role in this activity at Ulster University.

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