Clothes for a Casual Lunch for Two on the River

Clothes for a Casual Lunch for TwoToday is the perfect day for a long lunch on the river; clear, warm and dry with not a cloud in the sky.

Next item on my agenda is finding the right clothes for a casual lunch for two. There may be a slight breeze on the river, so it will be prudent to wear long sleeves. I will carry a light sports jacket, just in case my companion is not so wise to cover up!

A swift brush through my wardrobe reveals the ideal shirt. Smart, yet with a cheeky casual look that only a patterned shirt can give. I have chosen a 100% cotton shirt with long sleeves and will pick out the coffee accents with matching trousers and tie to keep it running with the casual theme.

I have always found that cotton is the best fabric for me in all weathers. The soft feel is luxurious, while the material helps me keep warm in low temperatures and cool in hot weather – and wow, is it hot today – How on earth does cotton know how to behave?

I have booked in advance to ensure there are no embarrassments when we arrive and have chosen my clothes for a casual lunch carefully.

If I can jolly myself along today, and not spend too much time at the computer working, I may even have time for a quick visit to the florist to pick up a bunch of something that suits the day. After all, one has to create the right impression!

In my mind, there is a right way to do everything; from work to play – it should all be taken seriously in one form or another. Choosing the right clothes for a casual lunch for two on the river is one thing, but concentration on the finer points can make a casual lunch just the beginning.