Christmas in the Sun or at Home?

Will it be Christmas in the Sun?As Christmas approaches and brings the dark, cold mornings, I begin to think about warm, sandy beaches and cocktails by the pool – a Christmas in the sun always tempts me. I have spent many a Christmas morning lazing by the pool and yet I find myself this year wondering about cosy fireside festivities and log fires. Does Christmas in the sun for a UK born and bred person spell a day that doesn’t feel Christmassy?

This year I have a girlfriend to curl up with and maybe that is swaying me towards a home-based festive season – I think it does make a difference. She has always claimed to be a ‘home-bird’ at Christmas, but maybe she will feel differently if I suggest getting out the beach wear instead of our woollies and wellies!

I have relatives in Australia and they said that for the first few years they insisted on the turkey and Christmas pudding, but in 40 degrees it really wasn’t the same. These days they fire up the barbie and get out on the beach on Boxing Day.

Here in the UK many of us yearn for a Christmas in the sun and feel like hibernating in the cold weather.

A white Christmas can be fun though, if you don’t have to travel too far – just from the kitchen to the fireside and back again.

The more I think about it, the more I really feel like a Christmas Day in pyjamas with no pressure to dress up in my formal wear, which would make a nice change. I will have to seriously consider what my Christmas Day attire will be this year. Will it be pyjamas, formals or will it be shorts for a Christmas in the sun?

What a dilemma! Watch this space – and let me know what you will be wearing this year.