Casual Wear for a Fun Ferry Crossing

Ferry Crossing RefreshmentsWhile on a recent holiday in Tuscany, we decided it would be fun to take a ferry crossing to Elba Island on Moby Lines. We were staying in the beautiful small town of Piombino, a historical location full of glorious scenery. During a stroll along the beach, we could clearly see Elba Island and were told while we sipped cocktails that a ferry would take us across the bay.

Whilst I am well-travelled on yachts, cruiseliners and speedboats, I have never been on a ferry crossing and was more than pleased to have the opportunity to try something new! My lovely companion was highly amused at my ‘ferry virginity’ and was determined to remedy that for me.

The next morning saw us up bright and early and with a few clouds in the sky, I thought it prudent to carry a light jumper, though casual shorts and a cotton summer shirt were very much the order of the day. How glad I was!

The winds were higher and chillier than I expected, although the ferry crossing itself was a much smoother ride than I thought it would be.

We travelled as foot passengers and left the hire car at the hotel.

Wearing the light jumper was necessary for the crossing, as the breeze was chilly on deck, as all sea breezes can be, I suppose. A cool mix of cotton and polyester, the jumper was long-sleeved and comfortable to wear over my cotton shirt. I am never far from cotton, as you know! In neutral tones, the outfit was comfortable and easily dressy enough for a leisurely lunch at the beachside taverna that we came across shortly after our arrival on Elba Island. I tend to dress carefully whilst on holiday, as one never knows what will come up. My outfits are generally suitable for strolling and casual lunches, although would have turned up a few noses in a more upmarket establishment.

The Moby Lines logo made us smile while we drank our coffee and made me realise that the importance of branding is the same wherever you travel!