Destruction of Five New-builds Leaves Builder Charged with Criminal Damage

Damage to New Builds Leads to Charges | Photo Sky NewsWe all know how frustrating it can be not to receive payment for a project, particularly if that project has taken time and resources to complete. However, there are always the right way to go about fixing this issue and there are wrong ways too.

One recent news story may have just highlighted the most over-the-top reaction, however, does also showcase the frustrations and anger that can come with a critical issue such as not being paid. Particularly when a tradesman feels that he has done exactly what was needed of him and the result has been high-value and high stakes too.

Builder Daniel Neagu has been charged with criminal damage after he used a digger to damage five newly built homes in Buntingford Hertfordshire, each house was thought to be around the £800,000 mark which were due to be moved into not long after the crime was committed.

Total destruction of five luxury homes

The incident occurred on Saturday the 11th August, when the police were called in after a report of a man with a digger causing damage to thankfully, unoccupied homes. The photos that have since been released to the press show scenes of total destruction with walls ripped apart and in some cases, whole sections of the properties missing.

Whilst Daniel Neagu did not enter a plea when he was interviewed via a video link, it is thought that this occurred due to an issue with payment for the work that he carried out on the houses. It is thought that the company that were in charge of building (and of course selling on the properties) sub-contracted the work out to a company called Fenton, and it was Fenton that then employed Neagu to carry out the work.

£4million in damage and people left with no homes to move into

The one count of criminal damage that Neagu has been charged with amounts to £4million. He has been held in custody and will be asked to enter a plea at a hearing in St Albans Court on the 10th September.

After Saturday’s incident there has been a request for a structural engineering report, which will help McCarthy and Stone to decide whether or not it is best to rebuild or try to repair the properties, needless to say, it seems that the people who have lost the most on this are the families that were looking forward to moving into their brand new, beautifully built homes in the next few weeks.

Not only this, but it is also incredibly sad to see such beautiful houses now laying in a state of disrepair. This type of incident is often open to debate on both sides, and truly demonstrates the risks of non-payment, whether from instances of withheld payments due to substandard workmanship or other reasons. It is not clear or confirmed publicly at this stage why or indeed whether Mr Neagu had been owed money.

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