A Black Dress Shirt for a Dinner Party

How I discovered that a black dress shirt is sometimes better than a white one

Constant social climbing is hard work.  Pah! I hear you say, and there was a time when I would’ve agreed with that sentiment.

Ten years ago I enjoyed the endless invitations to dinner parties, formal functions and presentations and, although I do still enjoy them to an extent, the constant social climbing means maintaining a rather large and carefully planned wardrobe.

I have been refining the art of dressing for dinner for so long now that I feel I can share some of my tips!  I may be off the mark for some, but you wouldn’t believe how busy I am and how much attention my associates pay to a wardrobe.

My eyes were opened to this some years ago, when an acquaintance that happened to be seated in my vicinity for the fourth dinner engagement in a row commented that I always wore a white shirt.  This seemingly, off the cuff (pardon the pun) remark surprised me greatly.

It was then that I started paying closer attention to my wardrobe.  I found, after a bit of experimenting, that people tended to notice shirts and ties more than any other items of clothing.

It seemed that I could wear the same suit or trousers unnoticed.

Haven’t you noticed that any comments on your dress sense seem to be derived from the shirt or tie that you are wearing?  Unless of course you have on a pair of loud Bermuda shorts!

I happily alternate now between shirts and ties.  For a formal dinner, I find a black dress shirt is just as palatable as a white one.

black dress shirt


I wear a smart black stitch, pleat front, black dress shirt with double cuffs and stud buttons.  A wing collared black dress shirt works well if I have to wear a bow tie, which often is black too, depending upon the occasion, but sometimes I like to be daring and go for a matching coloured bow tie and cummerbund.

It is these occasions that draw the most comments about my attire, especially when all other male counterparts are wearing the usual white shirts and black bow ties.

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