A Horsey Weekend in the South in a Luxury Horsebox

Our Luxury Horsebox for the WeekendThis weekend saw me out of my formal clothes and into some ‘scruffs’ for a horsey weekend in a luxury horsebox with my new girlfriend. She loves horses and although I am not a huge fan, I do know how to ride fairly well (thanks Mother, for all those riding lessons as a boy!).

Donning some of my most hard-wearing leisure clothes, I approached the weekend with enthusiasm and packed extra wellingtons and waterproofs as a precaution. We loaded the horses, which took a little time, as they, I was told, do not care for travelling too much. Both horses became intrigues by their fantasic hired horsebox and we soon set off, stopping every few hours to make sure the horses were travelling well.

A luxury horsebox is in order when travelling any distance to do so in style for horses and for people!

I have to add that the horses were travelling in style almost to the standard that we were in a super-clean, luxury horsebox that I would’ve been happy sleeping in myself! The huge animals had plenty of space and took very little notice of us as we fussed over them in the back. Our quarters were pretty amazing really – far more spacious than I was expecting in a horsebox, (even though I had been told it was a luxury horsebox) with everything we needed, including a decent fridge for the champagne I brought along – well, you have to have a few essentials!

The weekend was fantastic – a wonderful change from my usual city haunts and well worth the effort. It was hard work, of course, nothing horsey is ever easy, but great to spend time outdoors with good company – the lady and the horses. I was a little rusty on horseback at first, but it soon came back to me and I am looking forward to doing it again, particularly now I know about the hire of a luxury horsebox.