Waffles at the Hilton – Not the Time for my Paradigm Formal Shirts!

Often, when I need to be in London, I like to stay at The Waldorf Hilton.

Understandably, one has to be properly dressed and it always pays to have several good formal shirts at hand.

Although I tend to travel light, sometimes I am unsure about the length of my stay so try to pack more formal shirts than I need, but in differing styles and colours so that I can change the look of an outfit without carrying an armful of suits.  The ones I choose most often of late are the ‘Non-Iron’ range, that, once hung, are easy to wear.

Even Breakfast at the Waldorf Hilton can be a glamorous affair.  I tend to dress fairly casually for breakfast, unless I have an early start; when the waffles have to be avoided!

formal shirtsThe first time I made this mistake, I breakfasted at the Hilton in one of my Paradigm formal shirts; blue and white striped with white collar.  I had teamed it with a red tie for a ‘power meeting’ at 8.30am in the centre of London and was feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Having recently returned from America and still feeling a little reminiscent of blueberry pancakes, I decided upon waffles for breakfast with oodles of maple syrup.

Although, when it arrived, it was not quite in keeping with American proportions, it was, nonetheless delicious.  After the third mouthful, the waitress returned to refill my coffee and politely pointed out the result of my perhaps overzealous indulgence.

Maple syrup, however delicious, does not work quite so well with a red tie and one of my Paradigm formal shirts!

It is a good job she noticed, bless her.  I had to take to my heels leaving, somewhat reluctantly, the remnants of my waffles and coffee in the Grand Salon, cooling.

Needless to say, I had another one of my formal shirts and made it to my meeting, but if I choose waffles for breakfast again, it has to be something a little more casual!